Experience: x3

Final Wars is a Lineage 2 World with Official Korean (Gracia Final) files that gives the player an opportunity to reach his/her limits on old school PvE and PvP situations.With x3 rates and a variation of things that the platform only offers! Exceptional automatic Event Engine.

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Welcome to Eternalwars

We offer you two separated Gameservers. Finalwars RPG x3 Gracia Final Chronicle and Eternalwars Custom PVP x100 Salvation Chronicle .


Experience: x100 PTS

Eternawars is a Lineage 2 World with the best L2Java files (Salvation) around, offers the fastest PvP/PvE experience. With x100 rates you can either use it as test server or be a part of our family which grands you access to many more things!
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