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Step by Step - How to Connect
« on: October 16, 2017, 12:24:04 pm »
If you don't have an account yet register here

             Download our Auto-updater | Mirror(exe) | Mirror (ZIP)(Auto-updater downloads all the necessary files by itself in case you have the client already).

Step 2.  Extract Client ,run the Eternalwars updater and Check files.
             In case you have already the client unzip Eternalwars updater in the same folder, delete or rename your old
             system folder and run the updater.

Step 3. Press the Start button and Play.

Many Antiviruses they don't really like Autoupdaters. Just Download the client I provided without Autoupdater or close your antivirus and continue the process.

Virus Total :
MD5 : 443c0f0350c62c035bce6f8a879c1697
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