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News & Announcements / [Eternalwars] Update to Salvation
« Last post by Liamxroy on May 10, 2018, 11:51:04 pm »

I'm about to update Eternalwars Grand Crusade to Salvation.
Actually will be a Grand Crusade with Salvation client support and features will be added in daily updates.
We are going to be in beta period for couple of days and will start with a fresh database and couple of gameplay changes.

New GM : Domino

Client :

Patch notes :
Eternalwars (Salvation) x5000 / 9 5 2018
« Last post by Liamxroy on May 09, 2018, 07:30:30 am »
  • Addition of fences support.
  • Reset monster casting back to false.
  • Resizable GUI and fonts.
  • Replaced CB buffer icon dot values with spaces.
  • Remove revelation skills before subclass removal.
  • Use builder SYS messages when possible.
  • Use equals for contains method object comparison.
  • Proper message when source is different than target in some effect handlers.
  • SummonNpc broadcast fix.
  • New Blackbird Campsite related NPCs.
  • Updated AdminCommands.
  • Chat ban command fixed and upgraded.
  • Config to enable premium dyes for non premium players.
  • Moved Locator class to gameserver util package.
  • More secure startup executables.
  • Send normal message when builder config is disabled.
  • Keep sublevel when giving available skills.
  • Retail like invul and invis messages.
  • Retail like builder message for demonic mode.
  • Retail like builder HTML debugging.
  • There is no need to store parent frame locally.
  • Visual log changes for LoginServer.
  • Corrected .premium command bonus calculation.
News & Announcements / Sieges!
« Last post by Rasputine on May 08, 2018, 06:21:08 pm »
After some time this was imminent!!!
Sieges have arrived. Check your maps calendar and update your clients to be ready!
Eternalwars (Salvation) x5000 / 15 4 2018 - 1 5 2018
« Last post by Liamxroy on May 02, 2018, 01:04:51 am »
  • Unified shutdown functions for Telnet.
  • Proper angle range for pole attacks.
  • Unified formula for critical skill damage.
  • Configurable automatic database backups.
  • Read Java parameters from java.cfg file.
  • SplashScreen class improvements.
  • Simple start file names.
  • Moved GameServer and LoginServer jar files to libs folder.
  • Removed static log constants.
  • Addition of SplashScreen class.
  • icon and path changes.
  • Improvements for player notify death in instance.
  • Parade delete task NPE check.
  • New approach for spawning minions.
  • Proper Pailaka Injured Dragon max level requirement.
  • Addition of config for disabling player keyboard movement.
  • Removed buggy geodata Z corrections.
  • Removed L2 prefix from LoginServer class name.
  • L2Attackable no longer implements Runnable.
  • Complete char regeneration task.
  • Minor timer improvements.
  • Reduce player HP should use ignoreCP parameter.
  • Fixed probable re-awake dual class NPE.
  • Removed old altar spawns.
  • Set last server position when player is restored.
  • Fixed Olympiad buffer spawning.
  • Decay task manager improvements.
  • New solution for attack movement issue.
  • Fixed probable Parade NPE.
  • Prevent walk node list index out of bounds exception.
  • Fixed Wastelands guard AI.
  • Revert null entry removals from game time controller.
  • Monsters in instances should not teleport to spawn.
  • Prevent wall collision issues.
  • Monsters teleport back to spawn.
  • Fix for AddSkillBySkill effect handler.
  • Vitality reset task should not run if vitality is disabled.
  • Do not use character super to get player invul status.
  • Dropped the use of GameTimeController for spawn protection.
  • Enabled skill conditions.
  • AntiFeedManager related improvements.
  • Non negative ability number.
  • Default item skill type_chance should be 100.
  • Prevent possible cast NPE.
  • Keep sublevel on skill level increase.
  • Fixed Enchant Shadow Weapon.
  • Prevent moving to nonexistent regions.
  • Replaced ThreadPool with an improved old version.
  • Managing new Valakas door ids.
News & Announcements / Finalwars - Important update
« Last post by Liamxroy on April 24, 2018, 03:10:49 pm »

17:00 GMT +3 Server will be restarted

Use Finalwars autoupdater in order to get latest files.
Changes :
 Icon.utx (IMPORTANT) and itemname-e.dat
 Ban Hummer (punishment for 11 Accounts).
 10 Offline Shops limit per / pc
News & Announcements / Class Manager with adena option.
« Last post by Liamxroy on April 22, 2018, 01:02:47 pm »
Class manager with adena option enabled.
1 class change 50k adena
2 class change 500k adena
3 class change - not available
News & Announcements / Server restart
« Last post by Liamxroy on April 22, 2018, 12:15:56 pm »
Server will restarted with 0 downtime.
New geodata for regions 21.06
Bot bans
Suspended accounts
Quest location corrections

13:20 GMT +3
News & Announcements / BAN HAMMER REPORT!
« Last post by Rasputine on April 22, 2018, 07:10:25 am »
There are 3 players already banned. Names wont be delivered yet!

There are 2 more that warned.
We can tolerate that players can be tired after all these years, but such actions as trains in towns ruling around
and/or massive logins throughout 3rd-party-programs wont be tolerated.
We let this physical form because it is like retail. BUT we are nothing like NCSoft tm, we know exactly whats going on and where it takes place!

NOTE: There is bot report button in case you notice someone bending the rules of the EW EULA!
News & Announcements / Finalwars - Server restart
« Last post by Liamxroy on April 21, 2018, 02:23:25 pm »
Server will be restarted for :
Enable 7 Signs quest
Class Changer with option adena
Quest corrections
New geodata blocks for Baium and Lair of Antharas
Adena rate increased.

Downtime 5 Minutes.
15:30 GMT+3
News & Announcements / Server FinalWars x3 has gone live!
« Last post by Rasputine on April 20, 2018, 05:55:41 pm »
Server FinalWars x3 has gone live!
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