Welcome to our server, we are currently using LineageII Prelude of War chronicle and we provide an excellent gameplay. We wish you a pleasant stay


Authd Server: Online | Eternalwars x300/x2: Online | Homunculus (BETA): Offline

4 Years Anniversary

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How To Connect Guide

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New gaming experience

Meet the new era of LineageII - Homunculus, the latest Chronicles with plenty of features.

No Limits

New ways for heroes to increase their power. Level 85 is no longer the end of the leveling journey. Heroes can now fight their way to 125 and beyond.

Unique experience gain system

From the beggining the experience rate will be x300 the official value till 120 then it gets lower to x2 till 125.

Eternalwars: Lineage II - Homunculus XP/SP x100 Enchant Max Armor +30 Enchant Max Weapon +30 Shop till R-110 ISS Buffs for free Custom Community Board

Lineage II - Homunculus XP/SP x100 Enchant Max Armor +30 Enchant Max Weapon +30 Shop till R-99 | Buffer

How to connect

Step 1. Download the Client and Updater
Step 2. Extract Client ,run the Eternalwars updater and Check files. In case you have already the client unzip Eternalwars updater in the same folder, delete or rename your old system folder and run the updater.
Step 3. Press the Start button and Play.



Eternal Wars Updater

Mirror (zip)
Mirror (exe)

A Million Dollars Question

Get bored with only 85 levels and all these unbalanced classes out there ? EternalWars offers the new era of LineageII with Balanced classes and completely new skills, items, RaidBosses,dungeons and many many more features.


Awakening Classes




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